Britt’s Beauty Banter: Skincare Spotlight—January Labs

February 2014 | by | in Daily Eye

The first six weeks of 2014 have come and gone in a blur, and inevitably, so have my New Year’s resolutions.  And while the gym stair stepper may miss me, I’ve recently found a new resolution that I’ll happily stick to in 2014.

When it comes to health, we primarily think of exercise, diet and nutrition intake, but what about our skin health? While we may pile on night cream and embrace the revolving door of product trends, it is also critical that we assess how these products align with our body’s fundamental processes.

This week I’m excited to share with you a remarkable skincare line that boasts a holistic approach met with proven performance, creating a radiant mug you’ll be proud to sport makeup-free. And believe me, your “Yogi” alter ego will thank you after just one week of use.

A purveyor of physiological harmony, January Labs offers unique skincare that concentrates on stimulating natural body processes. Much like your astute mixologist, January Labs products orchestrate a symphony of effective and non-invasive ingredients that when combined spark natural cell regeneration, encourage optimal blood flow to skin cells, battle acne-causing bacteria, restore elasticity and lock in deep moisture. Using innovative elements like witch hazel, cinnamon and licorice, January Labs is successfully transforming women and men’s’ skin health for life.

The January Labs Skin Essentials line consists of nine products including the Pure & Gentle Cleansing Gel, which instantly dissolves dirt, makeup and all of the day’s grime. For ladies and gents with exceedingly sensitive skin like me, this cleanser is a miracle worker and won’t light your face up like the fourth of July—so throw your product transition woes out the window!

Another personal favorite of mine is the Glow and Go Power Peel Exfoliant and here is why I can’t stop gabbing about it, two words: cinnamon oil. The pure and intoxicating scent alone will have you dreaming of succulently sweet confections, but the amazing benefits will literally have you drooling. My long-lived ambivalence towards exfoliants came to a screeching halt when founder January Olds shared with me how the key ingredient delivers unmatched results. Unlike the traditional methods, which use elements that can cause penetrating microscope scratches to the skin, cinnamon oil promotes oxygenation, stimulates natural cell turnover and exfoliation without causing damage to the skin cells.

All the scientific fascination and culinary influence aside, the January Labs Skin Essentials line simply works because it doesn’t just treat skin complications, it heals and instills skin health longevity. You’ll be celebrating January year round when you incorporate Skin Essentials into your skin care routine.




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