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Annelise Peterson (Photo courtesy of

Annelise Peterson (Photo courtesy of

I’m taking off on a three-day tropical getaway and am trying to limit how much I pack. I’m thinking, gasp… a carry-on. What are my must-have pieces (aside from swimsuits, of course) and do you have any space saving tips?

Dearest Flying-light Lisa,

I applaud your ambition to keep your luggage limited. In fact, my traveling mantra when it comes to warm weekend getaways is to keep the body trim and the suitcase slim. Traveling light will not only save you time as you cruise through Kennedy, it will give you room to pack a purchase or two to remember your tropical tan long after it fades into the New York City sunset.

In order to keep the packing list light, I recommend building a three-day wardrobe around your feet. Yes, you heard me. Footwear packs the most space per pound, and therefore I recommend building your daily ensembles from the ground up. Pack no more than three pairs of shoes: sneakers, flip-flops and your favorite after sunset sandals. If you’re really looking to lighten your load overhead, Ancient Greek Sandals is a great beachside option that can transition from Domaines Ott days to candlelight dinners. Keep the accessories light with a beach sack and something neutral for evenings like a Calvin Klein Collection box clutch in a metallic silver or gold. Dresses over skirts and jersey over linen looks will save you space (as well as unsightly wrinkles in your suitcase). Lastly, limit the toiletries with a keep-it-simple beauty routine: face wash such as Purpose or Cetaphil, an all-in-one moisturizer such as Dr. Macrene’s 37 Extreme Actives and sunscreen in travel-size containers. You will need less makeup than you think, as the warm weather and poolside piña coladas wipe away any stress related worries bringing about your best accessory: a smile.  

Safe travels, and don’t forget your passport!   

I am a single girl in the city, and lately I have been wondering: Should I always wait for the crazy-I-can’t-live-without-you, obsessive-over-you spark or concede to a less than romance novel type of love?

Dearest Single Sarah,

Only you can answer that question. How much do you value that obsessive hot spark over a steady warm glow? If you are as single as you say and prefer romance novel relationships, it may be the case that you cannot differentiate fairy-tale from reality. Love takes time to develop.  Stories of “love-at-first-sight” exist, but they refer to a lustful first look that developed into a loving relationship between two individuals over time. I suggest you make a list of the character qualities you value in a partner. Focus on the things you need versus the things you want. For example, you need someone that is hard-working in order to feel safe. You want him to be six feet tall with brown hair and green eyes. Once you have developed this inventory of traits, let the interviewing begin. Although you may not find yourself head-over-Blahnik at first blink, you may discover something far more valuable—a partner that will think you’re fab long after you lose interest in Fabio and all the trashy romance novels that once tickled your fancy.



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