#SEEN | Bright-Eyed Girl: Italian-American Singer/Songwriter Ariana DiLorenzo Sees the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

April 2014 | by | in Scoop


[photography by Ben Kulo]

“Recently I’ve taken to describing it as dance music catharsis,” Ariana DiLorenzo says of her band Ariana & the Rose. “I want people to be dancing so hard and crying, and feeling so good afterwards—like they just got out of the sauna or something.”

This month, the 24-year-old Long Island native kicks off touring for her newly debuted EP Head vs Heart in the U.K. She jokes, “Whenever I write what I feel is a good song, not about love, I feel a small accomplishment, like ‘yeah, I’m writing about other things.’” But while titles like “Heartbeat” and “Love Me, Hate Me” might sound like they are only about personal relationships, DiLorenzo explains they are also about professional ones. “I was going through a time when I had to start making decisions for myself and couldn’t allow other peoples’ opinions to influence me,” she explains. “The songs are a mish-mosh of all of that stuff going on.”

DiLorenzo says that the “Rose” part of the band’s name comes from her Italian grandmother. “My whole family—everyone’s middle names—are named after my grandma. All of my cousins’ middle names are Rose, my middle name is Rose and my dog’s middle name is Rose. I think that was one step too far, but whatever,” she laughs. When it came time to name the project, it seemed like a natural choice, though she did consider a few others. “I had some really terrible ideas before that, like ‘Ariana and the Starfish’.”

With her music as infectious as her effervescent personality, you won’t want to miss her upcoming Soho House performance in June. Until then, her album is available on iTunes. 



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