diary of an art addict: inside this weeks art scene

May 2014 | by | in Daily Eye

Art and fashion are two of the pillars at the crux of the New York (and global) cultural scene. Much like Fashion Week, people (both collectors and enthusiasts) take the arts in New York City quite seriously, and when the art fairs come to town people tend to get a little excited. I’m of course counting myself in that group despite the fact that I’m quite a ways away from owning one of the many pieces I admire, but I digress. May 8th saw the opening of some of the best art fairs in the world, PULSE, Frieze, among others so of course I had a lot of planning to do.

My first stop was the PULSE New York Contemporary Art fair at The Metropolitan Pavillion. I would say that this fair skews more towards a younger, more contemporary audience and showcases more young and raw talent that often times is slightly more affordable than some of the more “serious” art fairs. Expect a lot of witty, contemporary that could easily go in the living room of the apartment you just signed the lease on, or the office you were just promoted to. Like I said, aspirational, but highly attainable, which is something I know I personally appreciate. After walking around the preview and taking in some of the exhibits and pieces, it was time to take a break, edit some potential instagrams and rest up before the trek out to Randall’s Island for Frieze.

Frieze is one of the worlds most contemporary and modern art shows in the world and is currently imported from London every year for the past three years. The pieces you’ll find here are much more serious and grand than some of the other pieces I had seen during the day. A lot of these are sculptures meant to go in the backyard of the house you just purchased in the suburbs of Connecticut or your summer home in the Hamptons—you get the idea. The fair was absolutely brilliant and brought in some of the worlds most serious collectors (take my run in with Leonardo DiCaprio). Here you’ll find everything from a limited series by global sensation KAWS to pieces by Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama. Like I said, pretty serious stuff. Nonetheless, good art can be appreciated by a multitude of people, even those like myself who aren’t there to purchase but rather to culturally enrich their lives.

Of course every fair and show has an after party, so post Frieze we jetted back to our little island of Manhattan and hit up the PULSE after party at hot spot Gilded Lily followed by a pop-up club at the Standard East Village. All in all a pretty long and hectic day, but hey, when you’re addicted to culture, a few hours only feel like a few minutes and experiences like this are entirely worthwhile.



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