summer scene: chandon’s american summer launch

May 2014 | by | in Daily Eye

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While everyone prepares for Memorial Day Weekend to officially start their summer, we got a head start. Last night we rang in the summer season thanks to Chandon’s American summer launch hosted by interior design guru Jonathan Adler. Upon arrival we found Adler seated on chic beach furniture, naturally, chatting with friends as they sipped the sparkling wine. Curious about the collaboration, we joined in on the conversation.

Michael: What prompted the partnership between you and Chandon?

Jonathan: I’ve always been a fan and consumer and turns out they were the same! There was a mutual admiration and then the magic happened!

M: Any plans for the summer?

J: I will be paddle boarding my heart out. I plan to paddle board my way to ripped abs.

M: How about this long weekend?

J: I’ll be in Florida for some rest and relaxation.

M: Do you have any tips for summer entertaining?

J: A rad playlist, mini Chandons because they’re sparkling, colorful beach towels, and fried chicken!

As we said our goodbyes to Jonathan we were handed mini bottles of Chandon to indulge in and cheers to the beginning of a great summer!



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