You Should Know… Magnises

May 2014 | by | in Profiles

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Trevor Gopnik C.O.O.  Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.  Zodiac Sign: Libra / Instagram: @tgopnik / I would love an endless supply of … first-class plane tickets.   

Billy McFarland C.E.O.  Place of Birth: New York, New York / Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius / Instagram: @billy_mcfarland / Motto: Don’t stop moving.   

Callie Katt V.P. of Operations  Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / Zodiac Sign: Scorpio / Instagram: @callie687 / Greatest Extravagance: Travel and food

RC Willenbrock C.F.O.Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado / Zodiac Sign: Gemini / Treasured Possession: My brother, Nick



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