Casting Modernity: Bronze in the XXth Century

June 2014 | by | in Daily Eye


Large bronze masterworks make up the entirety of the Mnuchin Gallery. The space—filled with the works of twentieth century famed artists—features more than 30 bronze sculptures by artists Arp, Bourgeois, Brancusi, Calder, Chadwick, de Kooning, Ernst, Giacometti, Johns, Koons, Laurens, Lichtenstein, Marini, Matisse, Miro, Moore, Nauman, Noguchi, Picasso, Richier, Rodin, Smith, and Twombly.

The theme of bronze, in which the exhibition shares its name, Casting Modernity: Bronze in the XXth Century, is on view through June 7. Co-curated by Dr. David Ekserdjian who also put together the Royal Academy’s blockbuster Bronze exhibition in 2012 in the UK, Mnuchin Gallery’s exhibition of master bronze has evolved out of a four year process in making the gallery space come to life.

Bronze, which has a long history and tradition in the art world, proves history is remaking itself in present day. Casting Modernity: Bronze in the XXth Century exemplifies traditionalism in the art world and is this month’s not-to-be-missed exhibition.



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