Charcoal Facial at LING Skincare New York

June 2014 | by | in Daily Eye

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Sometimes you just have to get dirty before you can really get clean. Take for example, a mud bath, or now the newly introduced Charcoal Facial at LING Skincare. Why charcoal, you ask? The black powder provides a cooling effect on the skin, which makes it perfect for the summertime. It also detoxifies the skin from any impurities.

The treatment includes three masks and begins with a Hibiscus Peel and Papaya Enzyme Peel. The Hibiscus has qualities which helps to exfoliate the skin, speed up cell turnover and help control acne breakouts. Next are extractions followed by an Herbal Clay Clarifying Mask. The second mask is a Ginseng Herbal Moisturizing Mask which instantly reduces skin inflammation. Finally, the Charcoal Mask is applied. The qualities of charcoal absorbs 100-200 times its weight in impurities and oils. With dead skin cells removed, skin is left radiant.

Take it from me, your skin will be at its best and glowing following this treatment, and if you’re still doubtful take it from the hundreds of LING Skincare devotees in the press.

The Charcoal Facial $260, at LING Skin Care Union Square,12 East 16th Street and LING Skin Care Upper West Side,105 W. 77th Street,







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