Landers Lusts: Sky-high and snakeskin from Chelsea Paris

June 2014 | by | in Daily Eye

41_YUWA_DINO (1)In my little black book of style rules, expensive shoes should look just that: expensive. They should be covetable, stunning, sexy and as unique as the woman who struts her stuff in them. This pair of mules fits the bill quite nicely. Chelsea Paris is a newcomer to the shoe scene in the United States with a recent debut at Barney’s, but the brand has made quite an entrance. Designed in London by Theresa Ebagua and made in Italy, the brand blends the unlikely marriage of Art Deco and African culture into a strappy collection that leans heavily towards stilettos. The Yuwa mules are rendered in a printed elaphe snakeskin in a blue and white that reminds me of crisp China bowl patterns and Mediterranean blue oceans. The flashy metallic silver heel grounds the look in summertime chic and impressively adds enough substance to make walking more than manageable. Imagine that! I envision myself wearing these on an upcoming trip yachting through the Bahamas and also paired with cropped white jeans around the city for summer. Bon voyage! Yuwa shoes, $565,



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