Mahalo Man: Constantin Bisanz’s Hip Health Initiative

June 2014 | by | in Scoop

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 11.11.48 AMWhile you have likely heard “aloha” used in groovy surf towns, what you may not know is that the Hawaiian term can also be interpreted as love, compassion, honesty and sharing life. It’s the last definition that Constantin Bisanz concentrates on with his new start-up, a tech-meets-holistic wellness venture named Aloha. “That’s what we are passionate about. We want to make health and the best knowledge available for everybody,” he says in the meditation room of his breezy Flatiron offices.

Bisanz’s goal is to center on nutrition first. “It’s really difficult to get potent products that deliver the quality we all deserve,” he laments. Currently, Aloha offers two vitamin- and nutrient-dense versions of supplements: pills and powders. The original formula is The Foundation, a bright orange pack of five pills laden with ingredients like French melon extract for beautiful skin and bacopa extract for memory boost. The Daily Good will give green juice emporiums a run for their money with a 40 calorie-per-pack count and smooth consistency that tastes delicious in coconut milk and packs far fewer oxidizing sugars than a typical pressed juice. Patented infrared technology and a slow pureeing process maintain the integrity of the nutrients, a method that took a year and half to properly develop. Bisanz and his website may talk in unpretentious layman terms, but Aloha has enlisted nearly sixty doctors, yogis, herbalists, athletes and more experts to test the products and offer their advice for holistic living. 

The sunny outlook of the health supplements reflects Bisanz’s latest approach to business. The serial entrepreneur sold his last company to eBay for a cool $200 million dollars. Realizing that he needed time to step back from his grinding work schedule, Bisanz traveled, retracing the steps of ancient hunter-gathers who crossed from Asia into America, only this time Bisanz made the journey via kitesurfing on ice floes from Alaska to Russia. After that, he spent four months grounding himself in the ayurvedic philosophy of India, where he meditated and practiced yoga. Several trips to Hawaii inspired a more distilled version of the brand as Bisanz observed his local friends who lived the Aloha way: a very balanced approach to clean diet, spirituality, mindfulness and community. 

He launched the Aloha products on January 10 of this year, and several new flavors of The Daily Good (a delectable berry and chocolate) will be rolled out mid-month. The ride so far has been good for the bronzed CEO whose laid-back vibe and long locks may give away his penchant for Montauk summers and Burning Man trips. “I’m a big believer that the future of retail is creating experiences,” he says, hinting at Aloha yoga studios and cafes sometime in the future. Like Hawaiian sunsets, Bisanz’s plans look rosy! 



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