The Printing House Celebrates Scene’s Wonder Kids Issue and The Launch of The Printing House Townhomes

June 2014 | by | in Living

Photos by Ben Rosser/

sc.0614.ADVPrintingHouseSDSCENE Wonder Kids, including Gigi Burris, Annie Georgia Greenberg and Elizabeth Kurpis, toasted the issue at The Printing House in West Village. Guests toured the luxury residences, located at 421 Hudson Street, while sipping wine and enjoying hors d’oeuvres.

1. Annie Georgia Greenberg, Reid Rutledge, Attie James, Allison Natheny 2. Gigi Burris, Nate Freeman, Stephanie Gotch 3. Di Mondo, Peter Davis, Catherine Petree Biron 4. Chase Harnett, Katie Fischer Cherry 5. Tamara York  6. Lauren Ezersky, Patrick Spag-Lo 7. Jesse Carrie, Myles Horn, Mara Miller, Doug Brown 8. Melanie Lazenby, Elizabeth Kurpis, Julia Loomis



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